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Monday, December 10, 2018
On his recent visit to the Refugee Camps in Lebanon, Director Hfz Imraan Choonara interacted and met many Orphans who are displaced and in urgent need of bare necessities. On witnessing the plight of many women and children, Hfz Imraan together with the partner teams on the ground has implemented #OrphanHope – an initiative to assist Syrian and Palestinian...
Africa Muslims Agency’s #OrphanHope aims at providing food, medical, educational needs and shelter to the many Orphans who are facing dismal conditions. We urge you to sponsor an Orphan and give them hope. Their future looks bleak yet they manage to remain positive in their circumstances. Africa Muslims Agency partner teams are on the ground 24 hours. Open your hearts...
General information on our Masaajid: Current Salaah facilities in rural Africa comprise of thatch structures that are easily destroyed by the elements of weather etc. A masjid in the North of Mozambique or Malawi brings a different culture of identity to the village. An identity of being a Muslim and having a secure place to offer this fundamental pillar...
Yemen Relief
Three years of conflict have devastated Yemen! The country is experiencing a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’  Out of a population of 28 Million, 22 Million need humanitarian assistance. Families are faced with the daily threat of starvation, diseases, displacement and lack of access to basic necessities. They don't know when or if their next meal will come! Over 11 million children, 80% of the country’s...
Feeding continues during these last few days of Ramadhaan in Mozambique and Malawi
Last days of feeding in Zambezia Province, Mozambique
ZZM 56 - Sponsored by the Khan Family-Mpumbe- Mangochi- Malawi
The Iftaar Programme at the Verulam Islamic Institute in Hazelmere, South Africa catered for more than 160 students. The Iftaar Suhoor boxes were handed out and Iftaar consisted of a delicious plate of Akhni and a variety of coldrinks. After the taraweeh prayers, a few treats were handed out much to the delight of the students.
Children from the Madrassah Ihyaa Iddeen, Thembelihle Informal Settlement, Lenasia, Johannesburg, South Africa, receiving lunch boxes filled with food for Iftaar.
Muslim Refugee Association of South Africa. Ramadan Feeding in Cape Town, South Africa. 64 families have so far been fed. Families made between 3 - 6 people.