Sponsor a Water Well

Two out of five people are without access to an improved drinking water source live in Africa. Clean, safe drinking water is essential for life. In developing countries, the lack of access to safe drinking water often results in serious illnesses and death. Your gift will help provide lifesaving water to areas in dire need.

Africa Muslims Agency prides itself by constructing waterwells all over Africa for the last 30 years, Alhamdulillah.


Abdullah Ibne Mubarak (RA) was visited by a person who complained about a wound on his knee, saying despite continuous treatment by many physicians for the last seven  years, it had not healed at all.

Abdullah Ibne Mubarak (RA) advised him to have a well dug where water was scarce and said, I have full trust in Allah that as soon as the water appears in the well, the wound will heal up.  The person acted accordingly and the wound was healed.

Waterwells and Boreholes are built in the Most Rural Villages where there is a scarcity of pure potable water… in the areas of Malawi and Mozambique

Our teams on the ground send regular feedback of areas that are in Urgent Need.
For 30 years Africa Muslims Agency has been assisting poor villagers in Africa by providing a the basic constituent of water to those living in dire need.

A sponsored waterwell becomes a HEART in a rural village. It creates a hub of brotherhood and is a means of dignity for a Community. You can assist villages like these and enhance their quality of life.

Depth of wells  – 13m to 15m

A waterwell is a simple bucket and rope system, yet it provides so many benefits to a community that would otherwise have to trek far distances to obtain this bare essential of every living thing


Sponsor a Water Well for R12,000 for the destitute through Africa Muslims Agency


Multi-faceted benefits of a Waterwell

  • Sadaqah Jaariyah (perpetual reward) for a deceased or a loved one and a means of providing water to a Village where clean water is unavailable.
  • Deceased relatives attain the reward of the gift of water to those in need and our gift to them in their resting abode
  • Girls can attend school instead of spending their day walking far distances for water. Young girls are kept out attaining basic education to walk kilometres on end to provide water for the daily needs of the family
  • Villagers can now irrigate their crops for self-sufficiency

Access to clean, safe drinking water unlocks potential. You can help restore hope that ripples out for years to come

As at the end of 2015 the South African office has done 4795 waterwells – over 300 000 individuals have a better standard of living, Alhamdulillah