Cleft Lip Lebanon

Cleft lip and palate surgery for Syrian and Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
Cleft lip and palate surgery is a 45-minute operation.

A child suffering with cleft lip or palate has difficulty talking, eating or drinking.  This procedure grants them endless possibilities.  It restores their dignity.  Children are able to communicate and pronounce their words with ease.  Children can go to school without being taunted as their facial features are enhanced.

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Dr. Ridwaan Mia Lebanon – April 2016

Delegation left in April 2016 for Lebanon to perform cleft lip and palate surgery for Palestinian and Syrian Refugee Children. A group of South African Doctors will go to perform the cleft lip and palate operations and follow up on surgical procedures already done.

Dr. Saleh Adam – Lebanon 2015

The Mission that went to perform cleft lip in 2015. Saleh Adam from Cape Town was part of the Mission together with Dr. Vincent  Joseph.


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