Save Syria

LIVE First hand account on the ground by Hassan Choonara on 13th January 2017…

Alhamdulillah, in Antakya, Turkey Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International and it’s partner Organisation launched the Syrian Relief for refugees in Syria.

Trucks were loaded with Food baskets, blankets, hygiene packs and medicine.

Over the past two days distribution of aid was been delivered to the Syrian Refugees based in Hatay province, Turkey.

The Humanitarian Aid destined for Syria will be distributed tomorrow (14 Jan) by Africa Muslims Agency’s partner Organisation on the ground.

“Shukria Afriqia”… (SHUKRAN Africa) are the words being chanted by the beneficiaries of Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International relief effort.

Personally, how does one describe the emotion and feeling when interacting with our Beloved Brothers and sisters from Syria. Hearing their stories, seeing their gratitude, and teary Duaa for every Donor who had contributed towards alleviating their plight… And just when you at the point in breaking down, when you want to cry, a young Syrian child gives you a broad smile.

An ayah that comes to mind, from Surah Ar Rahman, “which of the favours of your Lord can you deny”.

Dear South Africa, on behalf of Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International, I want to advise that YOUR generosity has certainly impacted and continue to impact the lives of many, “the many” who have uncertain futures, “the many” who are now orphans, ‘ the many” who are physically challenged, “the many” who have lost loved ones, “the many” who do not know what future lays ahead of them, “the many” who do not know what is home anymore, “the many” who once had something, now have absolutely nothing.

Dear South Africa, Africa Muslims Agency would like advise that we have personally seen your charity in action. We have personally heard the Duaa made by our Syrian Brothers and Sisters for The donor community of South Africa.

Dear South Africa, Africa Muslims Agency thanks you for your response in alleviating the plight of the Syrian refugees. We implore you to continue, as one of the largest humanitarian crisis in years, cries out for Your help.

From the Hearts of South Africans to the Tears of the Syrians.


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