Yemen Relief

Two years of conflict have devastated Yemen, left 18 million people in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance and created the largest food security emergency in the world.

The country is experiencing a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’

And seven million people do not know where their next meal might come from.

As of March 2017, an estimated 18.8 million people – 69% of Yemen’s population – needed some kind of humanitarian or protection assistance.

Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International teams are on the ground in Yemen.

Immediate medical assistance and food parcels are being dispatched on a regular basis to those affected.

The cities and districts covered are:

  • Amran,
  • Al Hudaydah,
  • Al Mahwit,
  • Amanat Al Asimah,
  • Dhamar,
  • Al Jawf,
  • Hajjah,
  • Ibb,
  • Hadramaut,
  • & Taiz.

Our appeal:

Cost of Food Parcel – R850
Donate towards food parcel consisting of:  (flour, oil, rice, powder milk, beans and sugar)

Cost of Trauma Kit : R37 500
Trauma Kits are essential as the outbreak of Cholera has rampant.  Many lactating women and children under 5 are in desperate need of medical assistance.

AMA Trauma Kits consist of:

  • Polio vaccines,
  • Medicine supplies,
  • Communicable disease medicines,
  • Trauma and injury kits
  • Malaria, dengue and cholera medicines

Africa Muslims Agency / Direct Aid are assisting with

  • Food Distribution.
  • Eye campaigns for visual impairments.
  • Education
  • Natural Disasters like earthquakes.
  • Water (development projects)

Even though the World Remains silent, Yemen still Cries…

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Yeme Relief Trauma Kit