Africa Muslims Agency Launches Quench SA

Quench SA

Africa Muslims Agency announces the launch of Quench SA – an effort to bring water relief to thousands of South Africans who are currently facing water shortages due to drought.

For the last 30 years, Africa Muslims Agency has quenched the thirst of millions across Africa. With the current water shortages across the country, our water team has been activated to deliver long-term water relief to those right here at home.

With Day Zero fast approaching in Cape Town, citizens will be at risk of not having access to running water. This crisis will be felt even more by vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those without transport, the sickly & the disabled. Therefore, relief is aimed at those already facing challenging circumstances & living conditions. These solutions include the provision of water tanks for general water use, bottled water for drinking and where appropriate, boreholes.

In December 2017, our Quench SA truck delivered approximately 10 000 litres of water to Beaufort West. The water was then pumped into the city’s reservoir, which was then channelled directly to the homes of those in need. This was followed up by a second truck with an additional 10,000 litres.

With our water teams on the ground undertaking assessments in Cape Town and Surrounding areas, we are visiting schools, clinics, community centres that are already facing water challenges. Over the next few weeks our water tanks and bottled water solutions will start making a difference in these areas.” Hassan Choonara.

At Africa Muslims Agency, our goal is for Quench SA to assist in uplifting the standard of life across the country.

The threat of Day Zero is real. Join us and together we can Quench SA.

Quench SA is an initiatve of Africa Muslims Agency, a relief agency operating across Africa and other parts of the world. Issued by Africa Muslims Agency – 011 834 8685