Feeding in Lebanon

‘It’s not just Iftaar hot meals project.. not for them!

Inside each housing unit for refugees, there’s a story of pain and suffering.

Today while preparing hot meals for Iftaar in the charitable kitchen in Aramoun, I visited a family that consists of a widow and her 2 orphans: Adel and Abdul Rahman.

I just asked them: “How’s Ramadan with you?”

That question made the whole family cry! The mother told me: “Ramadan is not good when there’s someone missing during Iftaar”.

The mother continued while her boys were crying: “Abdul Rahman carries the picture of his dad during Iftaar time just to feel him with us. And Adel comes back from school crying, feeling mad, whenever he sees his friends with their fathers”.

Sometimes I don’t know how to deal with such cases.. I cried with them saying that my dad is also in heaven, and I miss him on Iftaar table.

I asked Adel: ” what do you want for Iftaar”.. he said: “Rice and chicken.. ”

When we offered them Iftaar hot meals,  happiness glittered on their innocent faces.

The mother explained: ” Adel requested chicken on the first day of Ramadan, but I couldn’t cook this meal for him…. no one knocked our door on Ramadan except today!”

Thank you Africa Muslims Agency for supporting Iftaar hot meals for Refugees in Lebanon, but it’s more than just an Iftaar! it’s bringing hope to those in need, making them feel that people out there truly care about them.’

Jihan Kaisi