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Waterwell by Ahmed Timol Secondary School








When we do good unto others, it is like a drop of water that ripples and is felt throughout the river. Water is the nourishment that keeps the earth and her people alive. Like the water of rivers and oceans that never ceases to flow, let us continue to honour the knowledge that passes between teacher and student.

In remembrance of our teachers and friends who have passed on, please join us in sponsoring a waterwell in the names of those who helped us live our best memories during our school years, and those who gave us the best gift in order for us to succeed today – EDUCATION.

Through your generosity, may you and those that we have LOST TOO SOON be rewarded tenfold for every drop of water donated and for every drop used.

May they all be blessed and rewarded continuously in the Hereafter. Aameen

**For more info Contact:
Yasmin Moosajee :- +27 76 939 0191
Mr J Mookadam :- Jaliel.Mookadam@gmail.com

*Zakaah not accepted for a waterwell due to the recipients being muslims & non muslims

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