Ghouta is a besieged town currently under constant shelling and bombing. AMA & its partners on the ground in Ghouta currently run a field kitchen, feeding over 3000 people daily –

The humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta

After nearly seven years of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and with the deterioration of  living conditions and the prolonged siege imposed on the areas of Eastern of Ghouta, the living conditions of the populations of these areas have deteriorated significantly, especially with the continued bombarding, siege and military attacks, which caused a significant shortage of food, which in turn led to an unprecedented increase in the prices.

In addition to the closure of a number of tunnels, which were considered as the only  lifeblood of Eastern Ghouta. The decrease in the areas inhabited by civilians, along with the  displacement of a large number of them internally, there has been a large gap in food security.

Eastern Ghouta has witnessed an unprecedented military attack in which aircraft, guns and missiles have been used against the civilians, violating all international humanitarian laws and  norms. According to reports from inside Eastern Ghouta, many were killed and  thousands are injured and displaced. In addition, the infrastructure, facilities and services in  these areas, like: hospitals and bakeries are almost destroyed.

Most of the population of Eastern Ghouta, women, children and elderly people, are living in basements and underground shelters, where almost no life is left on the ground except for  paramedics and aid workers.

The most important requirements:

Food is considered as the main current requirement of the besieged population in Eastern Ghouta because of the food shortage in the area due to the absolute siege imposed on them.

Since the majority of the population is currently living in shelters and basements and cannot cook or prepare food, providing ready-to-eat meals through field kitchens is the best solution to this problem, along with bread distribution.

Medical attention is needed as there is no access to hospitals or clinics. Poor malnutration and living conditions escalates the need for dire medical attention.

Africa Muslims Agency mobile clinics have facilitated for the medical needs but much more aid is still needed.

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