Help Heal

Africa Muslims Agency’s #OrphanHope aims at providing food, medical, educational needs and shelter to the many Orphans who are facing dismal conditions. We urge you to sponsor an Orphan and give them hope. Their future looks bleak yet they manage to remain positive in their circumstances.

Africa Muslims Agency partner teams are on the ground 24 hours. Open your hearts in making a difference to a child.

A profile of the Orphan will be allocated to any donor who sponsors for a year.

R 12,000

per year

Many Syrian and Palestinian families have fled from Syria and are occupants at the Refugee Camps in Lebanon.

Camps are ill equipped with only a makeshift room for families. Families need drinking water, electricity and food on a daily basis.

Unregulated Camps leave women and children vulnerable to theft and abuse. Due to inadequate sanitation facilities, the spread of sicknesses and diseases is rampant.

Your sponsorship of a family will provide:
• Clean & potable water
• Pest control & hygiene equipment
• Maintenance of shelters
• Electricity & fuel for water pumps
• Distribution of monthly Food packs
• Socio-economic Awareness Programmes

R 12,000

per year

Bread is considered as one of the most important and needed nutrients for Syrian refugee families in Lebanon. Due to the harsh economic situation of refugees in Lebanon, it is difficult for families to cover these daily expenses due to lack of available employment opportunities (not allowed to work), as well as scarcity of financial resources, so it is necessary to  provide Syrian refugee families with their primary food item bread bags, to satisfy their daily needs.

R 12,600

2 bread bags, per family, per day, per year