The unique Iftaar & Suhoor box was designed by the Late Mahomed Farid Choonara. This box constitutes nutritional items that are sufficient for iftaar and suhoor for one day.

It includes:
Cup & Spoon,

Our experience and research has shown that many communities do not have resources like running water and electricity. Therefore, the items included in the Ifthaar/Suhoor Meal Box can be consumed without the need for water or electricity. This is especially beneficial for those living in informal settlements.

Many mothers are unable to provide Iftaar for their children and our Iftaar/Suhoor boxes are distributed daily in different Masaajid. Children from surrounding informal settlements who live close to a Masjid, congregate there to break their fast.

Donate one or more Iftaar & Suhoor Boxes now and know that you’ve helped the fasting this Ramadhaan.

*Zakaah is acceptable for this Campaign.

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