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In Honor of Nathaniel Julius







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In honour of the precious Nathaniel Julius, The White Rose Organisation has collaborated with the Africa Muslims Agency to better the lives of the surrounding special needs community of late Nathaniel. These students lack basic necessities. Their daily struggles are not only being short of food in their homes ,but unable to afford toiletries, further more they have a very sad position & status in society.

A link has been created by AMA in collection to put together food hampers for the Don Mattera special needs school. Collections will run until the end of the year where the hampers will be given to each household.
These items will keep the families and students going for the rest of the holiday as students won’t have access to the schools feeding schemes.
We hope to collect enough money to provide the same for other special needs school that lack basic necessities.

If you would like to donate any items or clothes please contact the white Rose on 082 7170906
May the Lord bless you all for your efforts .
We might not be able to change the world ,but are changing the world of this precious community.
Together we can Make A Difference

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