Mobile Clinic in Syria

Currently Syrians have to walk over 100 km’s to a medical facility for treatment, most times hospitals do not have any necessary equipment or doctors on hand. We also find that hospitals are currently being destroyed due to the ongoing crises in Syria.

The AMA mobile clinic offers professional medical treatment with free medication. The Mobile Clinic is a complete truck with 4 different departments a GP, pharmacist, paediatrician and gynaecology unit with qualified nurses and doctors on board that are treating all people who reside in Syria. Currently the Mobile clinic services 18 villages mainly in Western countryside of Aleppo and Northern Idleb Governorate

The Mobile Clinic goes to different villages regularly and does follow ups with patients who are severely injured.

The Mobile clinic costs approximately 2.5 Million Rand to fund one Mobile Clinic which consists of the following:

  • Mobile health Facility – Life Saving & Sustaining
  • Free medication
  • 18 villages mainly in Western countryside of Aleppo and Northern Idleb Governorate
  • Treats between 3000- 4000 monthly local residents and displaced people from Homs, rural Damascus, Hama, Aleppo, and Eastern part of Syria
  • 12 Trained Dedicated Employees
  • 4 clinics (Pharmacy, Paediatrics, GP, and Gynaecology)
  • Eco – Friendly, System generating electrical power to operate the equipment
  • From Children between 5 to 59 months, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and elderly.
  • Average Cost per year: R2,5million

Why is there a need for Mobile Clinics:

  • Many displaced people
  • Lack of hospitals/ or clinics in this area
  • lot of traveling time to reach these centres
  • No income to pay for transportation
  • Security purposes: Hospitals are being closed due to the ongoing crises
  • Private doctors cannot practice due to danger

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