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Mobile Clinic in Syria


  • Mobile health Facility – Life Saving & Sustaining
  • Free medication
  • 18 villages mainly in Western countryside of Aleppo and Northern Idleb Governorate
  • Treats between 3000- 4000 monthly local residents and displaced people from Homs, rural Damascus, Hama, Aleppo, and Eastern part of Syria
  • The mobile clinic(MC) was established a year ago
  • 12 Trained employees
  • 3 clinics (paediatrics, internal medicine, and gynaecology)
  • System generating electrical power to operate the equipment (eco-friendly).
  • From Children between 5 to 59 months, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and elderly.
  • Average Cost per year: R2,5million

Why Mobile:

  • Many displaced people
  • Security purposes
  • Lack of hospitals/ or clinics in this area, which requires a
  • lot of traveling time to reach these centres.
  • No income to pay for transportation.
  • Private doctors cannot practice due to danger
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