Ramadhaan 2019

Africa Muslims Agency has been active for over 30 years bringing iftaar/suhoor meals and distributing Ramadaan hampers and their unique iftaar/suhoor meal packs to impoverished communities across Southern Africa.

With the continous support of the noble donations received for Iftaar/suhoor meals, Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International will continue with the three Feed the Fasting initiatives, which will benefit thousands of needy fasting person across South Africa as well as many who will be fasting in remote and impoverished villages in Africa.

In South Africa, AMA will be distributing over 15000 Ifthaar/Suhoor Meal Box and Ramadhaan winter Hampers. This local Feed the fasting program will be rolled by partnering, synergising, and networking  with over 100 Community based Organisation, Volunteer groups, and Ulama Bodies, who are actively working in the field thus enabling us to reach the most deserving areas throughout South Africa.

AMA will also continue with it’s Feed A Village Campaign wherein daily Ifthaar and Suhoor meals are given at Various Masaajid, Orphanages, Islamic Centres that AMA have constructed in remote villages in Africa.

To reap the Rewards of feeding a Fasting person,
channel your support in one of AMA Campaigns

Thus, once again we urge you, the donor, not to forget to feed the fasting person that is need in this blessed month of immense reward – be it in your district; town; city; country, and not forgetting your fellow brethren in faith in the poverty stricken areas of Africa.

Your support and contributions of Zakaah / Sadaqah / Lillah made to us, via the website; on line transfer; or bank transfer for the purpose of “ifthaar-siyaam – feed the fasting“ project will be deeply valued; appreciated and treated as an emergency in its disbursement.


Respected Donors

It is with great joy and humble gratitude that we wish to express heartfelt thank you to Africa Muslims Agency and all the Donors for their continuous support with Ramadan hampers ....blankets and Iftaar boxes.
The children as well as all affected families were overjoyed by the generosity of the donors.
Many families were teary eyed and speechless as they received these items.
There are no words to describe the overwhelming feeling of thanks for making this possible.

From The families and children of Kensington and Factrton
Thank you Shukran
Mariam Hamdulay