Our director, Imraan Choonara visited the Syrian & Palestinian camps during the last few days of Ramadhaan. He spent Iftaar with the families and also took 400 kids shopping for Eid Clothing.

Our bakery project situated in a Syrian camp of Beqaa Lebanon, produced over 2000 bags of bread per day which were distributed in the camps.

In South Africa, over 20 000 Ramadhaan Hampers and Iftaar/Suhoor boxes were distributed across the country, as well as Mass Iftaar’s that took place at various masaajid and orphanages across the country.

In Africa over 1000 tons of food were dispatched in the most rural areas in Malawi & Mozambique by means of daily Iftaar & Suhoor meals.

Eid Celebrations and feeding is a hub of memorable jubilance for our brothers and sisters in Africa, not only because they were favoured by your generosity of meals, but also because, they feel blessed they have not been forgotten.

Your donations, love and care has given hope to thousands of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and villages in Africa

With gratitude and sincerity, from the hearts of those in Lebanon and Africa, we say Shukran

Shukran for all your donations !


South Africa



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