Shelter Rehabilitation


Many Syrian Refugees are faced with dismal conditions as Winter has made itself at home.

Women and Children are most vulnerable living in tent structures with very poor infrastructure.

The flooring has been washed away due to flooding.  With a major lack of proper sanitation, debris, dirt, and human excretion flows through their path and into their “homes”

Making it unbearable and detestable to live in, but unfortunately they have no choice.

The snow engulfs them and they have no heaters (gas)  no blankets or warm attire to fight off the bitter cold

AMA Regional Director just returned from Lebanon and witnessing firsthand the many children and women, he was left in tears and overwhelmed with emotion

“This could be our 5 or 6 year old kids , our mothers or grandmothers”

May Allah ease their Plight.  AMA has embarked on rehabilitating the Camp Structures and your assistance is needed urgently.

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The main goal is to enable refugees to access shelter solutions that provide:

  • Over 450 Syrian Refugee families will have access to secured shelter sites and these families will feel safe and have higher levels of psychological well-being
  • It will eliminate the of spread of communicable diseases that are a result of the cold during the winter and the heat during the summer.
  • Enable refugees to access and live in dignity in secure settlements that improve their social, economic, and environmental quality of life as a community.

AMA teams on the ground conducted shelter assessments:

This project aims to renovate in 4 sectors mainly:
Graveling and site improvement
Cement pathways (smooth graveling before and sloping)
Sanitation water network for gray water only to be connected to the other side
Rehabilitation of black water and septic tanks plus connections
This includes providing the following in each tent
  • Blankets
  • Heat Isolation
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Diesel
  • Heaters
  • Food Basket