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We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

We aim to collectively sponsor a community with a water well which will create a hub of brotherhood and be a means of dignity for a less fortunate village.

By building a water well, we will also be supporting the ‘Send a girl child to school’ initiative as girls in rural villages will no longer have to walk for hours to collect clean water, they can now focus on their schooling.

Participate in our 2020 teambuilding with a humble purpose of social responsibility.

A minimum contribution of R100 (not limited to R100), will go towards building a water well. One water well costs R12 000 to build, together we are confident we can reach this target.

Your donation is completely anonymous.
100% of the funds collected goes towards building the water well.
You can donate as many times or as much as you like.

“Open your hearts, reach in to your pockets and together we hope to make a small difference!”

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