Youth Uncapped

The Africa Muslims Agency, and its over three thousand fulltime employed staff spread across the Continent of Africa vigorously strives towards providing relief in respect of food to the most starving and hungry; water to the most thirsty; shelter to the most destitute; medical care to the most sick; education to the most needy and moreover, establishing poverty relief developmental projects towards ultimate self-sufficiency, and thereby, with the Help of God Almighty, restoring the dignity, respect and honour to our fellow human beings throughout Africa.

To ensure that the next generation is ready to not only continue this ever-growing mission, but also take it further than we ever could, Africa Muslims Agency gathered a team of young dynamic individuals from all over South Africa, with the sole purpose of preparing our youth, in the best possible way, to not only overcome the challenges that they will face in their personal lives but to have the skill and perspective to unite and overcome the challenges of youth throughout the world.

Preceded by weeks of preparatory research, the conference took place in October 2017 and after three days of hard work, presentations and discussions, Youth Uncapped was born.

An organization aimed at making a positive impact through developing significant young leaders.

Our team consists of young, dynamic, skilled and experienced males and females who endeavoured to leave an indelible mark of hope, growth and positivity in the world of our youth.

Donate, volunteer or assist our project in any way and become part of those who strive to teach youth all over the world how live a life independent of their circumstances, and be that beacon of light in the lives of other youth.

Youth Uncapped focuses on all youth, regardless of religion, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality or anything.

During these unprecedented times, we continue to provide youth with the much needed mentorship, coaching and guidance that they so desperately need.

Our recent events have truly proven that the adaptation strategy of Youth Uncapped the virtual world doesn’t only allow our program to continue but it raises things to whole other level!

Let’s continue to play our part! It’s often said that Youth are the leaders of tomorrow. We say, why wait for tomorrow?

Contact Us

Raa-iq Basadien – Coordinator:079 562 6036

Īmān Choonara – Administrator 083 843 2559

Sponsor a Young Leader for year R 18000 per annum.

When looking at the year for Young Leader the list below can not be overlooked as it all impacts the way we as a team structure and restructure as the times progress. Paying this amount off monthly is an option. @ R 1500 p/m for 12 months

You will be affording one of our Young leaders:

  • Facilitation with skilled facilitators,
  • Documented Mentorship program.
  • 36 filling meals and over 30 yummy snacks. (We successfully retain the youth in our program by ensuring that we meet 3 of their most important needs: (Food, fun and attention.)
  • Interactive activities designed to complement all different personalities.
  • 12 valuable soft skills. We refer to this as our intangibles. That are taught over 8 different events, 4 camps and over 40 different youth meetups.
  • Mentorship and coaching done, one on one and in groups

Sponsor a meal R 6000

Besides the fact that youth LOVE TO EAT, or that you cant teach a hungry child, we have found that once we have satisfied their stomachs the Youth Uncapped facilitators have a greater success in connecting with them.

Sponsor a camp R 65000

Disconnect to Reconnect!

Camping is one way we get a chance to disconnect from all the pressures of society and the harms of technology and just simply reconnect to nature “who you are”. Youth get a chance to experience meaningful face to face connections with people in a way that brings out creativity and personality in a fun and safe ethos.

The Camp works on a reward system to encourage and motivate youth. Other that the Winning team prize, we also award youth for their outstanding Team Leadership, innovation, grit and determination to succeed, athletic ability, presentation and public speaking abilities and much more.