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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International, Winners of the PMR.africa Silver Arrow Award 2013, 2014, & Golden Arrow Awards in 2015, 2016 & 2017 for charities doing the most for the needy and empowering the poor

Some of Africa Muslims Agency and Direct Aid International achievements from 1981- 2016:

  • Constructed 6000 masajids across Africa
  • Distributing  20 million copies of the holy Qura’an  in Arabic and different African languages.
  • Maintaining more than 65 thousand orphans, some of them became physicians, engineers, lawyers who hold high positions in their states. Those orphans lived in the cultural and social centers of the society and under the supervision of  the modern educational and instructional cadres.
  • Constructing and operating 840 educational facilities starting from the kindergarten to the universities in which more than half million male and female students study.
  • Paying the academic fees for more than 150 thousand needy student.
  • Maintaining more than 3000 undergraduates.
  • Providing more than 700 scholarships for the post graduate studies.
  • Translating and printing 9 million books in 22 languages.
  • Constructing 110 social and educational centers including elementary, middle and high schools and housing for the orphans as well as a mosque, clinic, housing for training the poor women,  housing for the new orphans and housing for the manager of the center.
  • Digging more than 20 000 surfaces and artesian water wells to provide the clean water for those who live in the poor areas and villages.
  • Carrying out more than 150 medical camps specialized to cure the ophthalmology disease.
  • Constructing and operating 256 clinics
  • Constructing and operating 4 hospitals
  • Sponsoring 2000 instructors
  • Establishing 10 radio stations in Africa.
  • Establishing 750 courses for the instructors, Imams of mosques and sheikhs of villages.
  • Carrying out 3 water dams in the drought areas
  • Launched the Gripp3d project in 2015, an initiative providing mechanical hand devices for children without limbs
  • Purchased two x six metre containers in Joe Slovo Park, Marconi Beam in Western Cape for Community upliftment
  • Constructed a community centre in Mfekai, Zululand
  • Over 30 boreholes to access clean water in Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng
  • Sponsored “Previously Disadvantaged Farmer” skills training and management workshop in Scottsburg, Kwa Zulu Natal
  • Arranging and facilitating Youth Based Leadership Training Camps in the country
  • Feeds the fating in Africa and South Africa annually during Ramadhaan
  • Provides blankets in Winter to the needy around SA
  • Empowers, Educated and Inspires through its ongoing Qurbani Programmes annually
  • Sending 500 thousand tons from the aids, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and cloths.
  • The organisation provided dozens of the projects that have new ideas such as the grain banks which benefited dozens of thousands of poor farmers.
  • The organisation expended on the projects, an amount of R7 050 000 000.00
  • The organisation holds more than 3500 annual courses aiming at raising the level of the needy man in Africa and more than 12 thousand person in Africa benefited annually from the programs provided by the society to fight the poverty.
  • Establishing several air relief bridges to convey the urgent aids to the areas of drought and poverty throughout the African countries.
  • Signing many agreements with Arab and International Organizations, the most important of which is cooperation agreement with the World Health Organization and agreements with UNSAF south Sudan, sirloin and Kenya as well as agreements with Refugees Relief Agency in Mali, Ghenia, etc.
  • Excellence Award for the care of orphans in the Gulf Cooperation Council (K’afil) for the year 2014 by the Regional Network for Social Responsibility in the Kingdom of Bahrain in cooperation with the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other organizations.

Direct Aid at the international level:

  • A member at the United Nations –  Social, Economic and Consultant Council.
  • Having diplomatic immunity in several states pursuant to agreements with the ministries of foreign affairs in these states.

Awards and Certificates Direct Aid Society:

  • Second place in the Forbes Award Middle East 2011 non-profitable organisations, for Transparency.
  • Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International, Winners of the PMR.Africa Silver Arrow Award 2013 & 2014
  • Africa Muslims Agency/Direct Aid International, Winners of the PMR Gold Arrow Award 2015 for charities doing the most for the needy and empowering the poor.